SFIA Virtual and On-site Training Courses

If your organisation is looking to adopt SFIA, or if you are someone looking to achieve status as an accredited SFIA consultant, gaining a clear understanding of its purpose and its benefits will be extremely important.

We offer a wide-range of training courses at reasonable rates for people at all stages of their SFIA journey. Be it just dipping your toes into the framework, or fully integrating SFIA into your organisation. SFIA has countless benefits, of course, but what are those benefits? How can you go about implementing SFIA in the best possible way? This is where our training courses come in to play. Take a look below and find a course that suits you.

Virtual Courses

Formal SFIA Consultancy Course

In this course you will learn to be an incredibly effective agent of SFIA. After the course is completed your knowledge of the framework will be advanced and you will be awarded a certificate noting your completion of the course.

Formal SFIA Practitioner Course

The SFIA Practitioner course is a relatively new step that has been added to the SFIA journey. In this course you will learn the basics of SFIA and start to get an applied knowledge of the framework through provided material and an interesting learning environment.

On-site Classroom Courses

Manager SFIA Self-Assessment Workshop

Once they have taken this course, managers will be able to fully understand the benefits of using SFIA for development, and also for skills capability management.

SFIA Implementation Workshop

We will run through all aspects of aligning SFIA to suit your business needs.

Employee Engagement Workshops

Whilst implementing SFIA into your organisation, it is always worth getting your employees on board with the new process. Sometimes it can seem like their world is being rocked and they don’t like it. With our Engagement workshops they will be excited about SFIA and the program will be more successful.

SFIA Role Mapping Course

With this course under your belt you could become self-sufficient in aligning SFIA with your existing roles. We have a fantastic tool that can assist you with this as well, built into our system called ITSA. (Learn more)

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