Celebrating the launch of VSP!

Our all new Validate Skills Profiling tool allows anyone to create a profile for free. We will help job searchers and businesses to connect with each other with calculated matches.

In our quickly developing world it is always important to develop alongside it. With the recent introduction of Artificial Intelligence(AI) software, it is becoming harder to know if written texts such as news, essays and CVs are real or not. This is a major issue for employers as they are currently receiving job applications at a faster rate than ever whilst not knowing which to believe. The solution to this is that people will be required to have a skill passport to quickly and concisely show their knowledge.

Our Profiling tool can be used to help with this as you are able to create a free account and build your skills portfolio. Currently the Skills Framework for the Information Age is on our profiler to help IT Professionals. Each skill has it’s description, specific to it’s level, easily accessible to help you understand what each of them are so you can be sure you are choosing skills relevant to you. In future we plan to add more skill frameworks into our system to cover more of the spectrum of employees that are in a business.

How SFIA skills appear on the profiler for selection

Once you create your account you are able to choose any of our pre-mapped job roles to speed up the process. If you are new to SFIA this should help give you a leg up in understanding it. There is also the ability to add your own technical skills such as programming languages or software that you are competent in.

Our pre-loaded job roles

Once you have selected all your skills you may then choose how proficient you feel you are at that skill. So if you had experience with a particular job but were only practicing those skills for a year or if you had not used them for several years you can show that you may require some training to build up your knowledge. This allows you to share skills you may not be completely confident in.

How skills are shown on your profile with corresponding proficiencies

There are also basics such as your name with a picture and connection to your LinkedIn profile. When complete you have the ability to share your profile as a link wit a direct share through e-mail process. Your skills should be shown how others will see them at the bottom of your profile page.

If you are a Job Searcher?

You can create a profile which showcases your skills within the SFIA mapping. Any extra technical skills, such as, knowledge of coding languages, can also be added. The tool will allow you to view any available jobs from businesses, while also calculating how suitable they are to your skill set. You will then be able to enquire about any jobs that take your interest and connect to businesses.

If you are a Business?

You are able to create jobs either within your company for your employees or outside your company to find new employees to expand your capabilities. These jobs will then show you who is the best candidate to take it on by mapping the job requirements to the candidates. If you are only looking for employee evaluation then you will just see your employees, while your employees will also only see your company jobs.

Coming soon!

Our Validate Skills Testing tool will allow you to take tests relating to the SFIA skills and certify your knowledge.