Introducing Skills Marketplace

Our Skills Marketplace has now launched! Giving everyone access to assessments that will test your knowledge on a chosen job role aligned with SFIA codes. Priced at £35 you can head to our Marketplace and get started as soon as you want! If you choose to take an assessment you will have 3 attempts for completion, each with 45 minutes to finish. Upon completion, depending on your result, you may receive a certificate to prove your skill. The certificate can have one of three pass rates, a PASS at 50%, a MERIT at 60% and a DISTINCTION at 70%.

If you are interested, we also provide a SFIA Foundation Course for only £12 which you can search for on the marketplace. Upon completion, after a few days, you will receive your SFIA foundation badge through your e-mail!

If you have any issues with the Skills Marketplace please contact us, we are happy to help you through the process and resolve any problems as soon as we can.