FREE to IT Professionals to showcase their skills

FREE SFIA IT Skills Profiler for IT Professionals

Introducing our FREE Public SFIA Skills Profiling portal, ValidateSkills Profiler (VSP). It’s unique design is simple to navigate, build your skills profile according to SFIA but also indicate what technical skills you also have. Rate yourself 1-5 and upload evidence to back up your skills.

Why not use it for SFIA RATECARD assessments? You can even invite organisations or recruitment agencies in to view your profile, read only of course.

Sometimes skills gaps are not always that obvious.

I.T. Skills Appraisals

Suitable for organisation’s internal appraisals. ITSA uses SFIA at it’s heart, a cloud based tool allowing you to assess your IT employees skills against their roles as aligned to SFIA. Assess your IT professionals and watch them grow whilst you gain more competent employees.

What the British Army said about us.

Assess Management have earned our trust through their continued support and advice, extensive knowledge, and the excellent tools and services they have available.

Capt Neil Donaghy CEng MIET | SO3 Plans | Army HQ

A Global Partner for the SFIA Foundation

SFIA Services

As a SFIA-accredited partner we have a wide range of experience to help you implement and manage SFIA in your organisation. We can accommodate small one-off projects up to global SFIA solutions using our online tools plus training, consultancy and much more.

SFIA V8 available downloads

ValidateSkills objective Assessments

An exam, test and assessment tool with a wide range of SFIA based questions in order to assess your IT employees. We also have the ability to manage any question content using a series of templates designed to offer the best user experience.

Coming soon a unique virtual AI onboarding service

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