SFIA Consultancy

SFIA consultantIn addition to the SFIA tools that we provide, we also offer a complete range of SFIA Consultancy Services – all backed up by our status as an Accredited SFIA Partner and Consultancy.

These optional consultancy services include:-

SFIA Skills Reviews – a significant and popular component of our consultancy programme involves one-on-one meetings with each of your employees, where we have a discussion in order to confirm the skill requirements of their role, to hear about their career aspirations and to identify any skill gaps which may be apparent.  These may have been revealed where the employee has completed one of our SFIA Skills Tests (see below), customised precisely to focus on the skills required for their role.  The Skills Review is followed by a comprehensive report which includes recommendations for further action for each individual along with a departmental-wide overview.

SFIA Training – do you want your managers to understand and embrace SFIA?  Our SFIA Awareness course, which we are permitted to deliver as an Approved SFIA Training Partner, will be ideal. We are able to fashion the official SFIA course material so that it is presented in the best way to reflect your needs. We are also approved to deliver the official SFIA consultancy course, the first step to becoming a recognised SFIA consultant.

SFIA Job Role Mapping – using our unique SFIA Job Role Building tool, we will compare and map your existing job descriptions to the SFIA framework.   The outcome is a detailed skills profile for each job role, which reveals its SFIA Level (using SFIA’s scale of 1 – 7) and the skills the role requires according to the latest version of the SFIA Framework.

SFIA Skills Tests – we can build and implement an assessment programme using our ValidateSkills.com portal for you to test the skills and knowledge of your existing employees and identify where programmes of development are needed.

Recruitment Campaigns – we can design your IT recruitment campaigns against the SFIA Framework using our online assessment tools which will test each candidate’s skills and knowledge objectively to ensure that you recruit the right people with the right skillset.

Tailored Consultancy – nothing is set in stone, so talk to us about your requirements or let us help you define them in discussion.  We will then design the right SFIA programme to meet your needs for which you can adopt a ‘pick and mix’ approach when selecting from the options available.

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