The SFIA Foundation released a case study recently, reporting on the success of the British Army in using SFIA in a rather innovative way with the help of an accredited SFIA Partner.

Well that Partner was US!  We have been working with the MoD for over a year providing our SFIA consultancy service, but also the use of our IT Skills Analysis application called ‘ITSA’.  

With our help, the Army came up with their own hybrid set of skills using the same SFIA structure involving Levels, Skills and Descriptors. We went on to upgrade our assessment tool, injecting the Army’s new skills covering ‘Logistics’, ‘Power Management’, ‘Health and Safety’ etc into ITSA and then using them alongside existing SFIA skill codes.  You can check out the Case Study by clicking the link at the end of this post.

As a result ‘ITSA EXTRA’ was born and is now available to all our customers!

‘ITSA Extra’ offers the same benefits as our vanilla SFIA assessment application, but allows you to come up with hybrid codes of your own, more specific to your business needs. For example, perhaps you have more technically specific IT skills, or product-specific ones – there are no limits; they don’t even need to be IT related, and you can introduce your own skills categories outside of the SFIA ones.

‘ITSA Extra’ is now available to you, so why not talk to us about this ground-breaking skills analysis tool?  To find out more about ITSA Extra, contact us today. We can arrange a free, no obligation chat and demo, or simply send you more detailed information.

ITSA Extra. ITSAmazing!