‘ITSA’ – IT Skills Analysis using SFIA

‘ITSA’ (IT Skills Analysis) – an advanced form of SFIA self-assessment!

‘ITSA’ is like no other SFIA self-assessment process. You will be amazed by its engaging interface, streamlined questioning process and advanced verification and reporting tools. You’ll also be amazed at how reasonably priced it is!

The purpose of ITSA is to identify the SFIA level of each employee’s job role and to find out the skills they deploy in their current role, according to their perspective. The self-assessment questionnaire uses the latest Version 7 of the SFIA Framework as its benchmark.

The intelligent adaptive questioning filters down to the quickest route through the questionnaire. The attractive interface and clear signposting, over four distinct stages, engages the employee and helps to ensure the most accurate outcome.

Once completed, the report reveals the overall (‘core’) SFIA level of the employee in their current role and identifies the SFIA levels, which may vary, at which they deploy various specific skills revealed from their answers. They can also indicate, using a simple rating slide, how competent they feel they are in each skill.

The unique design allows the employee, on completion, to nominate a person, such as their line manager or an appointed consultant, to log into the employee’s questionnaire report. It then becomes interactive to allow both parties to validate the outcome, with or without the employee’s assistance, compare the results to business needs and make adjustments if necessary.

Watch the ITSA video presentation

Optional extras enable management to build a SFIA skills profile from the questionnaire’s outcome and allow employees to plan and record training, log relevant qualifications and reflect their past knowledge and experience.  You can even use ITSA without running the self-assessment questionnaire programme.  Instead, simply build your SFIA job profiles using the ‘Job Role Builder’ module, and then interview employees in order to verify the tasks and skills the job role includes, making adjustments as necessary.

ITSA is ideal to get you started on your SFIA journey and will provide you with a complete IT skills audit for individuals, teams or the whole IT function.

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