‘ITSA’ – IT Skills Analysis using SFIA

The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) is an internationally recognised I.T. skills model managed by the SFIA Foundation, a global not-for-profit organisation. Its goal is to provide a common language for both employers and employees to describe and manage skills in the I.T. space.

I.T. Skills Analysis

Our ITSA tool is the most comprehensive SFIA-based skills management tool on the market. It sports a wide variety of functionality and reporting mechanisms that will enable your business to really get a grasp on the skills it already deploys and how those skills could be best managed.

We utilise process called the 5 Stages to take you on a journey through ITSA. The first three stages form the self-assessment questionnaire. The fourth stage represents the employee uploading evidence of their competency in an interactive report generated after the assessment is complete. The fifth and final stage is the sit-down session the employee has with their manager to verify and agree the outcome of the report.

Job Role Building

sfia self assessment

Creating the job roles in your organisation using our included “Job Role Builder” is often the first step in analysing the skills in your business. Your existing job role descriptions can be aligned against the SFIA framework to then be uploaded into your ITSA account. From their you will be able to view and edit them as you see fit.


sfia self assessment

ITSA’s interface is clean and easy to use, even for those not versed in the language of SFIA. The self-assessment questionnaire process that your employees will undertake is sleek and manageable even for the busiest people.


sfia self assessment

We use a technique of adaptive questioning in our leading self-assessment questionnaire to make the experience as easy as possible. It really gets you quickly drilling into the specific parts of a job role that the employee undertakes and builds an expansive view of those skills and how they play into the overall organisational structure.


ssfia self assessment

The questionnaire is only a part of the process. Once the employee has sat their’s they are presented with an interactive report that they can use to showcase their competency in all the SFIA skill codes they have chosen. Review the report, adjust the competency sliders, and upload any evidence to support it. A manager can then sit with the employee, discuss and make changes, then agree the report as part of your business’ review process.


sfia self assessment

Our large variety of reports analyse the mapped job roles, the results of the questionnaires, and the outcomes of the verification process, to produce graphical representations of overall competency, departmental performance, employee aptitude, and much more.

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