ITSA Extra can enable you to customise the SFIA Framework and its skill codes to your whim! Adjust levels, change descriptions, even remove them completely! The choice is yours.

Offering the same benefits as our vanilla SFIA assessment application, but allowing customers to create hybrid codes of their own, more aligned to their specific needs. Perhaps more technically-specific skills or product-specific ones – there are no limits, they don’t even need to be IT related!  You can also have your own skills categories outside of the SFIA ones.

Through ITSA Extra, clients are able to include their own skills codes and descriptors with or without our help, outside the original 121 skills that make up SFIA V8.  This is unique and we believe it is significant as it allows SFIA to be customised to the needs of each client.  ITSA Extra retains the same structure of Levels and Skills whilst allowing a ‘pick and mix’ approach to the Framework. Clients may wish to keep particular SFIA codes, disable others and insert some of their own. This gives clients all the benefits of SFIA, whilst customising it for their particular needs.

Not only that, but have you ever wanted a tool that could incorporate your very own skill codes in it as well? How about behaviours that your organisation prides itself on? Soft skills like leadership? How about skills specific to your organisation, such as internal software you make use of? A process maybe?

Just think of the possibilities! The solid foundation of the SFIA Framework but now with the flexibility of a hybrid set of skills. Some SFIA and some of your very own…

Our ITSA Extra tool has already garnered praise in the industry, with people marveling at its freedom of customisation and user-friendliness.

Here’s what the British Army thought

Royal Signals first set out to increase our knowledge of SFIA and how it could help us as we had identified a need to better track skills within our workforce.

We were aware of Assess Management Ltd’s work and through a selection process appointed Kevin as our senior advisor for SFIA approved training. We went on to discuss our needs with him and soon realised, through Kevin’s organisation, there was an opportunity for us through a selection process to recruit Kevin to support development of some new hybrid skills that took the SFIA framework and hybridised it for our needs. Their tool, ITSA Extra, was the ideal platform for us to test the expanding requirements of the Royal Signals Talent Framework objectives. Assess Management Ltd have earned our trust through their continued support and advice, extensive knowledge, and the excellent tools and services they have available.

Capt Neil Donaghy CEng MIET | SO3 Plans | Project DADUCEUS | Army HQ

If you are liking what you’re hearing…

We have SFIA experts available to work with you and come up with your own skill codes, descriptors, and questions, so you too can benefit from our ITSA Extra tool.

You know your business better than we do. And we know the ins-and-outs of SFIA and the I.T industry. And with 20+ years of experience, you can trust us to handle the next step in your I.T. Skills Analysis journey.

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