Obtain a SFIA-Approved Digital Badge

Foundation Level Training Course (Online)

At the end you will be able to demonstrate a high-level understanding of the underlying principles of SFIA. You will also be able to demonstrate an understanding and familiarity with the structure of SFIA and how to navigate it. It is a sound stepping stone to formal SFIA accreditation, or if you’re only looking to broaden your knowledge of SFIA for your career or organisation.

If you wish to take our SFIA Foundation Course for only £12, you can access it on our marketplace, here. Just simply use the search tool to look up ‘SFIA Foundation Course’.

Shrikant, one of many Foundation Level Training Course attendees, had this to say:

The tool for the SFIA foundation level training and assessment is self-explanatory, easy to navigate through, and covers basic information on SFIA framework including SFIA history and current website information. I found it an excellent way to train a new user; about SFIA in 45 minutes including crisp narration through video clips and apt questions to judge the user’s understanding of the framework.

SFIA Accredited Practitioner Course

The SFIA Practitioner course is a relatively new step that has been added to the SFIA journey. It is a course designed around an individual that is looking to apply the SFIA framework internally under the guidance of a SFIA Accredited Consultant. In this course you will learn the basics of SFIA and start to get an applied knowledge of the framework through provided learning material and an engaging environment.

SFIA Practitioner Course (£575 + VAT)

SFIA Accredited Consultancy Course

In this course you will learn to be an incredibly knowledgeable agent of SFIA with the appropriate skills and knowledge to use the framework effectively. You will be able to lead SFIA understanding and implementation efforts within businesses. After the course is completed your understanding of the framework will be advanced and you will be awarded a certificate noting your completion of the course.

SFIA Consultancy Course (£675 + VAT)

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    Foundation Level Training Course (£12)SFIA Consultancy Course (£675 + VAT)SFIA Practitioner Course (£575 + VAT)

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