Virtual employee onboarding

What is virtual employee onboarding?

Whenever an employee changes a company he has to fill lengthy forms which takes days to fill before submitting to HR. We at iona go a long way in avoiding that process and making the whole process virtual ie. paperless.

With iona you can forget about the paperwork as our AI-based chatbot and employer’s portal enables both the employer and the employee to submit all the documents virtually via the chatbot.

All the documents are submitted by the employee on the application provided by us. On the other hand, all the forms that the employee needs to submit for government compliances are also filled using our mobile application. The mobile based application also displays their percentage (%) completion and how many details are yet to be filled.

The employer also sends the appointment letters, etc. Directly to the employee through our portal. At the employer’s portal, he can see at glance, all the details of the recruits along with their document completion percentage.

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No manual hustle: The organization’s HR department does not have any manual hustle. Everything is automated and online which gives a good impression of the organization to the employee. It also reduces the scope of errors in the whole process like, date of birth, UID number etc.

Completely digital process: iona makes everything digital, form sending the offer letter to receiving the documents everything is completed online. The forms that need to be submitted for government compliance are also filled online through our Chatbot.

Proprietary AI technology: Our proprietary AI technology helps candidates and companies to provide automated document collection, form filing, and other related onboarding services virtually via the internet. Our technology is one of a kind and guides the company and the employee at each step in the onboarding process. Our AI tool easily integrates with your existing Oracle, SuccessFactors, and a range of other HRMS and ATS systems.

The employee onboarding software is an automated software that enables smooth and easy recruitment of the employees without having to create manual offer letters, filling up forms, and the rest of the manual paperwork.

Large enterprises often have proven HCM / HRMS and ATS systems from Oracle, SAP SuccessFactors, or similar but they still have to depend on external agencies to manage paper-work and other admin activities for new employee onboarding.

The agencies collect documents, manually check those docs, help candidates in filing statutory forms, and in many cases issue offer letters as well. All these admin activities cost a fortune.

iona is the best employee onboarding software which saves up to 90% of your employee onboarding costs. It uses an AI-based platform that consolidates everything from an employee’s name, DOB, father’s name, UID, driving license, etc. in at a single platform and saves a lot of time for the employer.

Research has shown that an employee is 10x more likely to continue with an organization that is efficient and smooth. iona helps to make a good first impression of the organization. Onboarding is accompanied by a huge pile of forms that an employee has to fill. iona helps by taking the whole process online on its mobile app.

It is a browser based Chatbot which is powered by our proprietary AI technology. It guides the new employee at each step in filling out the forms, sharing documents, accepting company policies and knowing more about the company. The Chatbot uses audio to guide the employee in filling out these forms. iona is fully customizable and can be deployed in your own public/private cloud or data centre to ensure full security and privacy.

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