SFIA Job Role Builder

What does the Job Role Builder tool do?

The SFIA Foundation has identified 102 skills used across the IT industry. These are grouped into 6 categories, a number of sub-categories and are described at 7 different levels of responsibility.

Our ValidateSkills.com Job Role Builder tool allows you to quickly scan the Framework, check out skill descriptions and select skills that relate to your organisation’s job roles.  From there, the tool will build a SFIA Skills Profile for each of your roles, organising skills into three categories of ‘core’, ‘contributory’ and ‘awareness’.  It also cross-references from a list of available courses which are mapped to the SFIA skills selected for your roles.  It is compatible with the latest SFIA Version 7, released in June 2018, with an option to continue using SFIA Version 6.

As an employer, do you know what skills you already have in your IT department and what skills you need?

The outcome is a SFIA Skills Profile for each role from which you can assess training needs and apply consistent career planning for all your organisation’s job role holders.  It will also identify where you may have skills gaps within teams or across the whole IT department.

When used alongside our ‘ITSA’ (IT Skills Analysis) self-assessment questionnaire, you are able to clearly compare an employee’s perspective of their current job role with the needs of your business which will be clarified by the Job Role Builder tool, so that you can make adjustments as necessary to one or the other.

For employers with a large quantity of job roles to map, we can set up a dedicated account for you under a license agreement to use our SFIA Job Role Builder tool over a period of time. Through this, you can build, save, edit and export your SFIA Job Roles.

If you are short of time, you can commission us to map your job roles for you.  With our experience, we’ll complete the process quickly and accurately.  You’ll be surprised how cost effective this is.  Ask us for a quotation.

To find out more simply complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you.

ValidateSkills.com’s SFIA Job Role Builder tool is a great resource which has enabled us to quickly and easily generate SFIA skills-based roles for our organisation. The report that is generated at the end of the process is not just a list of skills. It is a useful and in-depth Zaizi Bitmapreport covering the SFIA skills and also outlining the experience and qualifications required for a role, which is great for recruiting”.

 Tracey Robinson HR & Office Manager, Zaizi.