WINNING Behaviours®

The WINNING Behaviours® is a ground-breaking leadership development tool with a proven track record. 

Powered through our portal, it works on the principle that there’s a purpose to leadership and that there’s a performance outcome to it, whether that’s the generation of cash to grow a business, achieving noble charitable goals or delivering great public service.

In order to measure the impact of a leader’s behaviour on the performance of those they work with and on the department or organisation as a whole, leaders are invited to complete a diagnostic questionnaire online, with the same questionnaire completed anonymously by ‘assessors’ drawn, depending on your requirements, from the leaders’ colleagues, managers, customers and staff.

The result is a comprehensive report with rating scores and narrative feedback, which forms a powerful tool from which to launch a programme of leadership development which may include coaching.

For more information about The WINNING Behaviours® Framework and diagnostic assessment questionnaire, click here to visit its dedicated web site.

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