ValidateSkills Services (Objective Assessment)

“Throughout all, we have found to be helpful, creative, professional and able to understand our needs fully.” – Mike Smith, Global Services Operations Manager, RICOH

What are your requirements?

Are you a business that needs to recruit people with the right skills and knowledge? Do you need a tool to help you ensure that existing employees’ training needs are constantly addressed?

Are you a school or college where you would benefit from having the means to assess, informally, how your students are progressing on a wide spectrum of the curriculum quickly, accurately, and without the need for manual marking?

Are you an awarding organisation and wish to move from paper-based exams to computer-based ones?

Objective Assessment is an online skills-assessment tool which delivers automated assessments on almost any subject using a range of interactive questioning techniques – all with instant results, comprehensive reporting, and – crucially – no marking!

We can develop, tailor, and deliver online assessment facilities designed to meet your specific requirements. Alternatively, with our simple-to-use ‘Assessment Builder’ tool, there is a DIY option available which comes with full and clear instructions.


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