WINNING Behaviours® for IT Leaders

SFIA, the Skills Framework for the Information Age, describes the skills required by professionals in roles involving information and communications technology.

By mapping your organisation’s job roles to the SFIA Framework, you are able to identify IT training needs and skill gaps.

But an area that the SFIA Framework does not cover is leadership behaviours. As with any other professional discipline, the behaviour of managers and leaders in IT matters as it can affect the performance of other individual team members and the performance of the overall IT department.  But how do you measure the effectiveness or otherwise of behaviour and its impact?

At Assess Management, we are the only accredited SFIA Consultancy to offer a development tool for leadership behaviours. We have teamed up with Winning Behaviours Ltd to create a unique diagnostic questionnaire based on the ground-breaking WINNING Behaviours® Framework.

Powered through our portal, the outcome for each leader is a comprehensive and clear report on the impact of their behaviour, both negative and positive.  The report contains real life examples provided by staff, peers and others who are invited to assess the leader anonymously through the online questionnaire.

From there, each leader has a platform from which to launch into a programme of further development through coaching or other means. The diagnostic process can then be re-run later to measure progress.

To find out more about the WINNING Behaviours® Framework and diagnostic tools, click here to visit its dedicated web site or contact us to make an enquiry.