What a few months it has been. The news and devastating effects of the recent outbreak have left many businesses in a very interesting position. Standard operating practices have changed, possibly forever.

So we are left in this situation, a wide-scale adoption of a “Working From Home” policy in pretty much every organisation. It has become the standard where possible (it’s something everyone at ValidateSkills has adopted too).

In light of this, and with a view to keeping things as “Business as Usual” as possible, we have decided to go offer a virtual option with a lot of our training courses.

The two courses of today’s focus are the bread and butter of SFIA and implementation, rolled into 2 fact-filled half-day sessions.

Aligning (‘mapping’) I.T. Job Descriptions to SFIA.

Mapping is key to a successful SFIA program. It enables your business to take its existing job descriptions and align them to the SFIA framework. There are 102 skill codes in the framework, but we can show you how to boil that down into around 10 that most closely fit with what the main objectives of the role are.

We will show you how to best do this with the help of our amazing I.T. Skills Analysis (or ITSA for short) tool. It has an intuitive interface that really makes the process of mapping a breeze.

That, coupled with the knowledge of one of our experienced SFIA Consultants, will give you an excellent grounding in what it means to align a role to SFIA.

Course objectives:

  • Understanding the background to SFIA
  • Interpreting the SFIA Framework’s levels and skill codes
  • Breaking down SFIA code descriptors
  • Learning how to create a SFIA Job Role Profile
  • Using SFIA Role Profiles
  • Using SFIA effectively within your organisation

The SFIA Implementation Workshop

This is where we really get down into it. The workshop will cover a SFIA journey from the ideas stage, all the way to deploying the framework in the business.

The SFIA framework can be a very powerful tool that will enable you to:

  • Manage career progression
  • Achieve fair salary scaling
  • Provide a common language between different I.T. functions
  • and much more…

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding the background to SFIA
  • Interpreting the SFIA Framework’s levels and skill codes
  • Understanding the purpose of SFIA and its potential for your organisation
  • Defining required IT competencies from an organisation’s perspective
  • Aligning your organisation’s skills with SFIA definitions
  • Various assessment methods
  • Analysing and measuring skill requirements
  • Using SFIA effectively within your organisation
  • The benefits of implementing SFIA

The courses will be charged at £199 + VAT per person, with a discount applied if you register for both, at the price of £349 + VAT. If you are looking to book the courses for a number of people, we would be happy to oblige. Please contact enquiries@validateskills.com for more information.

We have worked with many different types of organisations. From international conglomerates, to small teams delivering specialist services.

To learn more about the courses, such as the dates they will be run, and how to get enrolled, please enquire below.

We look forward to welcoming you on your SFIA journey!