We’ve gone Green!

Introducing the ITSA “Green Report”…..

We are excited to tell you about a new option to add to the many benefits that our ‘IT Skills Analysis’ (ITSA) product delivers.

ITSA’s self-assessment questionnaire reveals each IT employee’s understanding of the skills they deploy in their current role, using the SFIA Framework to define them.  It is a subjective process where the employee rates their SFIA level and identifies the skills they believe they use from their perspective and understanding of their role.   ITSA then lets line managers check and validate the choices made through an interview with each of their employees, if possible as part of the normal appraisal process.

The new option, which we call the ‘Green Report’, allows you to bypass the self-assessment process and instead focus on the job descriptions mapped to SFIA through ITSA. This allows you to create a skills profile from the business’s perspective without the employees’ input. 

Once a JD has been mapped to SFIA, the ‘Green Report’ is produced. When a line manager, or someone else such as an approved SFIA consultant, comes to verify the role profile without the input arising from the employee’s self-assessment questionnaire, they can refer to the Green Report to verify the skills identified for the mapped role when appraising employees.

The report can then be adjusted during or following the discussion between the line manager/consultant and employee. The changes (if any) agreed and the results are saved and displayed via the unique ITSA data dashboard, revealing data surrounding skills and competencies.

Email: enquires@validateskills.com  to ask for a demo during which the reason we call it the Green Report will be revealed!