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We’ve added a great new feature to our online SFIA ‘Job Role Builder’ Tool.

The tool’s original functionality has always allowed you to map existing job descriptions to the SFIA Framework, or to create new SFIA job descriptions from scratch – easily and quickly.

The new feature adds another extremely useful benefit. Once you have created your SFIA job roles, you can now see a list of QA courses and qualifications that directly correlate to the SFIA Levels and Skills Codes that you have selected for each role.  The list provides a course description and a hyperlink that leads to further detailed information, forming a useful catalogue of appropriate courses that are available through QA – all viewable immediately at the click of your mouse!

Further down the line, we plan to include other courses from other training providers.

The new feature is available to organisations purchasing an annual license for the Job Role Builder tool, for which prices start at just £900 per annum. The licence will allow you to build and save further roles and review and edit them as necessary and appoint unlimited administrators to do so.

And if you don’t have the time to map your existing job roles yourself, then we’ll map them for you for a small additional fee per role.

For further information and advice simply email or complete our enquiry form and click the ‘SFIA Job Role Builder’ box.