The Fijian Revenue and Customs Authority, based in the islands’ capital Suva, recently engaged us to help them use the SFIA Framework to improve their recruitment processes.  Even though the time difference is 12 (sometimes 13) hours ahead, we were still able to communicate effectively through email and deliver what they needed to their satisfaction.

Chief Information Office Emily Yalimaiwai says:-

“ValidateSkills helped us recognise the potential of SFIA by taking our existing IT job descriptions and mapping them to the Framework using their SFIA ‘Job Role Builder’ tool. This enabled us not only to update our job descriptions using an international standard, it also allowed us to review and clarify the skills that each role requires. ValidateSkills went on to create custom online ‘Skills Tests’ in line with those mapped roles. This helped us test the knowledge, skills and competence of existing staff and potential new recruits. 

We have been pleased and impressed with their expertise and the clarity and rapidity of their support which has been excellent, despite the challenges of the time difference between Fiji and the UK.”

So wherever you are based in the world, we’ll make sure that we deliver the service you need to ensure you use SFIA effectively in whatever manner of your choosing.  Contact us today to make a no-obligation enquiry.