We are pleased to announce that a brand-new language has been added to our SFIA self-assessment IT Skills Analysis (‘ITSA’) tool!

Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, with roughly 460 million speakers in 31 countries. It ranks 2nd in the list of most popular languages (according to the ‘Ethnologue’) and is a lot more popular than English (3rd) with around 90 million more speakers! This, coupled with our recent growth into the Latin American markets, got us to thinking it was about time we added Spanish to ITSA!

We have always had a Google Translate facility available in ITSA with hundreds of languages to choose from, but with the launch of a dedicated Spanish translation things like the context, grammar, and male and female pronouns, are all correct. It’s as if Spanish was the ITSA’s original language!

Our platform is incredibly versatile and allows any and all of the world’s many languages to be uploaded with ease. As we continue to grow and cross into more non-native English-speaking countries, we will look to add their languages to ITSA, further adding to its already impressive levels of functionality. If you think that your company would benefit from a translation into your native language then please get in touch!

Gracias por su tiempo….. and make sure you email enquiries@validateskills.com if you are interested in learning more about ITSA!