SFIA Skills Tests

Unique to ValidateSkills.com, our online SFIA Skills Tests will instantly identify any gaps in your employees’ knowledge and skills. They are also ideal for use in recruitment exercises, to ensure that you choose the right candidates with the right skill set for your organisation.

Our Skills Tests come in two forms:-

‘SFIA 100+’ is a growing range of over 100 online generic Skills Tests for scores of different common IT job roles such as Systems Analyst, Project Manager or Service Desk Operative, at different levels of responsibility. Each consists of 30 challenging questions, using a variety of questioning techniques, within a maximum time allowance of 45 minutes.

Alternatively we can build specific Custom Skills Tests which focus on the core SFIA skill codes in your organisation’s unique SFIA-mapped job roles. These assessments are ideal if you have already mapped your job roles to SFIA, or if you wish to do so using our Job Role Builder tool or through our Job Role Mapping service.

Whether you opt for ‘SFIA 100+’ or decide to have your tests custom-built, an indicator of how well each individual has performed against each core SFIA code identified for the role comes as standard. This gives you the opportunity to assess the strengths, weaknesses and skill gaps of each employee or recruit.

We offer free examples for you to try with additional advice on how SFIA can make a difference in your organisation. Click here to submit a no-obligation enquiry and one of our SFIA consultants will contact you.