A place for organisations to find people with the right skills aligned to SFIA and additional technical skills.




Do you rely on the CVs for applicants to prove their skills? For a small subscription we offer a portal for you to build a skills profile using SFIA and to ask applicants to prove their skills against your profile. We’ve even included the technical elements not covered by SFIA (we have hundreds available); if you require a specific skill just add them to your profile.

You are able to check the applicant’s information, skills, their evidence, and a CV if you don’t already have it.

We call you an “Organisation” but they come in many sizes, please see our cost matrix below. Please talk to us about your specific needs, we also have additional products to help you manage your on-boarding and skills appraisal processes.   

We offer 1 month FREE because we are confident you will continue to use our services.


Subscription Fees

* Monthly subscription based on the number of IT employees


Time Use

Public job posting: one time use £275

*Public job post = All public individuals pinged if their skills match – also able to invite applicants in to use MySkillsProfiler for the job posted.