A FREE skills repository service for you to align your skills to SFIA using our built-in profiler and load evidence against those skills.


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You can use our skills repository tool ValidateSkills Profiler for FREE to showcase your skills. You can choose to use it to keep an up-to-date log of your skills as you grow or maybe to show potential employers what skills you have. We help you build a profile using the skills set out by SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age) framework. You can upload your CV, references and evidence per skill; not only SFIA based skills, you can also log any technical skills you have and again upload evidence to prove it.

You can choose to invite recruitment agencies or potential employers to view your skills. Maybe you’ve applied for a job and you feel it would be a good way to prove your skills.

Why is it FREE? We may send you information about our additional services you can choose to buy or not, for example our training library or use our Skills Analysis tool for a small one-off fee.  You decide, no pressure. We promise not to bombard you with loads of pop-ups and ads.

This is a FREE service and we want to make it a good experience. As IT professionals, why not let us know of tweaks or additional services you would like to see.


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Would you like your skills to be recognised?

Using our skills profiler you can build your profile of skills according to SFIA, score yourself 1 entry competency to 5 expert competency. You should load your evidence on a SFIA and on a technical level proving you have those skills. One of our approved assessors can then view your evidence via a skills assessment interview.