ITSA (IT Skills Analysis) has already come a long way since its launch in July, which we timed to coincide with the new SFIA version 7.

We now have a host of additional features to help you to understand and manage your organisation’s IT skill requirements. In fact it would be accurate to describe ITSA as a Talent Resource Management tool (TRM)!

Here are a few of its main original features and components and some recently added ones:-

  • A self-assessment questionnaire which will reveal an employee’s perspective of the skills they deploy in their current role, using SFIA 7;
  • A process that allows a verifier to validate and agree an employee’s self-assessment report;
  • Our Job Role Builder tool – working in tandem with the self-assessment, so that you can compare the employee’s perspective against the needs of your business;
  • A skill-by-skill competency rating feature for individuals, teams, seniority levels or the whole IT department;
  • The option to enable employees to view other SFIA job role profiles relevant to your organisation, so that they can consider their future development and career aspirations;
  • The option to display a list of available courses that are able to fill employees’ skills gaps;
  • The facility to upload the specific local knowledge and skills required by your organisation that may not be covered in SFIA’s more generic skill descriptors;
  • Your ITSA account branded with your organisation’s logo;
  • Unlimited attempts for each individual at the self-assessment questionnaire, archiving previous versions, but keeping the skills data bang up to date with the latest results;
  • Customisable emails sent to employees and line managers through the ITSA administration portal.

Future plans include a “Dream Team” function which will allow your organisation to build teams of IT specialists, based on their skills set and competencies, drawing from the existing employee base or through targeted recruitment.

So it’s onwards and upwards for ITSA! For more information, and the opportunity to see a demonstration, complete our ITSA enquiry form.