Oh yeah? Prove it!

Measuring your employee’s skills and capabilities is so important. It is an activity made much more intuitive by our ITSA (I.T. Skills Analysis) tool. With the new guidelines from the SFIA foundation, we at ValidateSkills have devised a new feature for ITSA that makes it easier than ever for an employee to prove they have the skills they have, and for a manager to see examples of those skills in action.

How does it work?

Well, in short, once an employee has completed their subjective self-assessment and are viewing the report that follows, they can then attach files in a variety of formats that can demonstrate some exceptional work that really exhibits their competency in that skill or attribute. Perhaps they have a marvellous example of some technical documentation? Maybe some wire-framing work they did (DESN)? A well-crafted incident report (USUP)? Maybe even a project plan (PRMG, PROF)? Whilst doing this they can also adjust how competent they feel they are with an easy-to-use slide bar system that goes from 0-100%.

ITSA will act as a central repository for these documents to be referenced by the employee that uploaded them, and approved line managers (verifiers), if they decide they need it during appraisal interviews, or even whilst analysing your team’s capabilities to see where to focus on development and therefore increase productivity.

So, not only can you add comments to any of the skill codes chosen during the questionnaire and the 5 attributes, you can also add documents to further support your competency. Nice.

What does this mean for the organisation?

Overall greater clarity in the competency of the business would be its main benefit. It’s something that can be difficult to achieve due to the sheer number of employees, skills, departments, etc. that exist in a business. With ITSA though, we’re taking another stride in making that journey as painless as possible.

This just adds to the long list of free improvements that have been introduced to ITSA over the last few years, and we have so much more to come!

Not only is the tool getting better for our current clients, it is also even more appealing to organisations we aren’t yet working with that are looking for a full 360-degree performance management tool.

Interesting, what should I do now?

Speak to us today about what ITSA, SFIA, and ValidateSkills, can do for you!