At, as accredited SFIA Consultants, we have the widest range of SFIA products and services.

So if you planning to embark on your SFIA journey, take us as your guide!  Take a look at our  SFIA Road Map  in SFIA road map imageorder to identify the various stages of your journey.  You probably won’t need them all to arrive at your destination, but we can help you to choose which ones you need:-

Stage 1:- Define the skills your employees have now with our SFIA Self Assessments and update your job descriptions.

Stage 2:- Align or ‘map’ your job descriptions to the SFIA Framework so that you adopt a common and consistent set of definitions to your job roles using our Job Role Builder tool.

Stage 3:- Verify the mapped job roles in discussions with team leaders or with each individual employee.

Stage 4:- Assess the existing skills of your employees and identify skills gaps and training needs using our unique online SFIA Skills Assessments (available nowhere else!).

Stage 5:- Develop your employees by providing appropriate training.

Stage 6:- Reward your employees appropriately according to their SFIA job role level and the skills they can perform.

If you would like to find out more about how we can take you to your SFIA destination, then contact us by completing our online enquiry form.  Our initial advice and guidance is FREE and comes with no obligation to proceed.