It’s natural that if you want to use a self-assessment tool to analyse the skills of your IT workforce against the SFIA Framework, then the questionnaire needs to be entirely focused on the Framework.

Or is it?  What if you have competencies outside of the Framework that you also want to analyse?

At, yet again we have looked outside the box!  Now you can add your own questions to our ‘ITSA’ (IT Skills Analysis) SFIA self-assessment tool!

By doing so, you can assess how closely your employees are able to meet your own local competencies outside of SFIA.  For example, you might want to assess behaviours, knowledge of specific applications or your wider business operation beyond IT.

Through our eye-catching ITSA dashboard, you’ll be able to analyse answers to your own customised questions alongside SFIA outcomes through sophisticated yet easy-to-understand data reports.

Contact us now to discuss how ITSA – with or without its custom features – will transform the way you identify, manage, develop and deploy skills right across your IT function.