Assessment Builder is a sophisticated but easy-to-use Question Management System (QMS).

Whether your organisation is a business, a private sector employer, a school, college or an Awarding Organisation, is the easy and cost-effective solution for the delivery of online assessments, tests and exams on almost any subject, with the benefits of instant results and comprehensive reporting.

We have already populated with hundreds of challenging generic assessments written by subject matter experts on a wide range of topics including personality profiling, numeracy, literacy, punctuation, IT applications and more.

But in addition,’s unique ‘Assessment Builder’ tool gives you the means to create your own custom assessments drawing from, for example, your own business training manuals, school or college syllabi or, in the case of Awarding Organisations, paper-based exams.

Assessment Builder allows you to include images in your questions, to refer to attached documents and to use a wide range of questioning techniques, such as ‘drag & drop’, ‘multiple choice’, ‘hot-spots’, ‘fill in the blanks’ and so on. And you can decide issues such as the test duration, the pass mark, the completion date and whether candidates can self-register or not.’s reporting capabilities enables you to review the performance of candidates against each question, so you can adjust questions if necessary.  It will also provide you with the means to analyse the performance of all your candidates, whether your objective is to assess training needs, validate students’ knowledge, deliver exams or recruit new employees.

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