SFIA Training Courses and Dates


For a list of scheduled courses or webinars and their dates, please click here.

If your organisation is looking to adopt SFIA, or if you are someone looking to achieve status as an accredited SFIA consultant, gaining a clear understanding of its purpose and its benefits will be extremely important.

We are a SFIA Training Partner approved by the SFIA Foundation.  For employers, we can deliver our one-day course, ‘SFIA Awareness’, for up to 12 delegates on your premises.  Individuals can choose to attend one of our occasional SFIA Awareness training days, which we hold from time-to-time at different locations around the country.

During the course, delegates will be introduced to the background and purpose of SFIA, have the chance to discuss its benefits in introducing SFIA to their organisation and get hands-on experience of using SFIA, including mapping a job role to the SFIA levels and skill codes, conducting a SFIA job evaluation discussion exercise and more.

The precise content of each course can be tailored for your organisation, but to see a typical programme click here.

For participants wishing to go on to become a registered SFIA consultant, we can make formal representation to the SFIA Foundation on your behalf.  There is a small fee associated with this which we will take care of upon your completion of the course.  We will notify the SFIA Foundation that you have taken part in formal SFIA training.

Our public courses start from £375 + VAT per person for an individual.  We can also run dedicated tailored workshops for your organisation where the price will depend on duration and content. We are required to pay the SFIA Foundation a £75 royalty for each person going through the official SFIA programme. This will be included when you request a price for the specific delivery of SFIA training.

We offer free advice on how SFIA can make a difference in your organisation. Click here to submit a no-obligation enquiry and one of our SFIA consultants will contact you.