SFIA Training Courses

Across the world, and to hundreds of individuals and organisations, we offer and have successfully delivered a wide-range of training courses to people at all stages of their SFIA journey.

“The online SFIA training delivered by ValidateSkills was inspiring.”

Angie Papadam Adam, President and Commerical Director, Business to Vision

“ValidateSkills helped us recognise the potential of SFIA.”

Emily Yalimaiwai, Chief Information Officer, Fijian Revenue and Customs Authority

Formal SFIA Consultancy Course

In this course you will learn to be an incredibly effective agent of SFIA. After the course is completed your knowledge of the framework will be advanced and you will be awarded a certificate noting your completion of the course.

Formal SFIA Practitioner Course

The SFIA Practitioner course is a relatively new step that has been added to the SFIA journey. In this course you will learn the basics of SFIA and start to get an applied knowledge of the framework through provided material and an interesting learning environment.

If either the Practitioner or Consultant course interest you, please click below to enquire.

SFIA Role Mapping Course

With this half-day course under your belt you could become self-sufficient in aligning SFIA with your existing roles.

What will be covered:

  • Understanding SFIA Levels and Codes
  • The benefits of mapping job descriptions to SFIA
  • Role mapping exercises
  • Utilising SFIA profiles in your organisation

At the end of this course you will be able to profile you own job descriptions and be able to start to plan SFIA initiatives.

Manager SFIA Self-Assessment Workshop

This half-day course centres around understanding SFIA from a managers perspective, often delivered in conjunction with our ITSA portal. It is ideal for Personal Development Reviews processes, and we can assist you in managing the transition from your old process to the new SFIA-based process.

What will be covered:

  • SFIA from a manager’s point of view
  • How your roles are profiled
  • How employees get assessed
  • The process of managing SFIA reviews

Once they have taken this course, managers will be able to fully understand the benefits of using SFIA for development and skills capability management.

SFIA Implementation Workshop

We will run through all aspects of aligning SFIA to suit your business needs over a full day, or two half-day courses.

What will be covered:

  • Understanding SFIA Levels and codes, and the part they play in role profiling
  • The many areas in your business that can be aligned to SFIA and what you can do
  • Using SFIA for development review process

At the end of this course you and your colleagues will be able to start the project management of implementing SFIA into your organisation.

Employee Engagement Workshops

Whilst implementing SFIA into your organisation, it is always worth getting your employees on board with the new process. What better way to do this than to have a SFIA Consultant on hand to deliver the information and ask any SFIA questions during an interesting half-day course?

What will be covered:

  • What SFIA is and what it looks like from an employee’s perspective
  • How will it be used in your organisation
  • The processes the employee will be involved with

Sometimes it can seem like your employee’s worlds are being rocked and it can be tricky to get them enthused about it. With our Engagement workshops we can customise the presentation to suit your SFIA implementation project, and help them see the benefits as you do.

What you will learn from the above courses and how it will benefit your organisation can be managed in a variety of ways. If you have any specific SFIA training needs we would be happy to discuss total customisation of the courses with you.