SFIA Recruitment Services

For Employers: We’ll identify the skill set you require to help you find the perfect candidate.

Are you planning to recruit IT Professional staff in your organisation? If so, how can you be sure that they have the right skills and competencies for the role that you’ll expect them to perform?

The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) is a recognised international standard, used in over 200 different countries. It defines 97 different skills for IT Professionals, arranged across 7 levels of responsibility.  By building your IT recruitment programmes around SFIA, you are far more likely to hire the right people for the IT job roles you wish to fill.

At ValidateSkills.com, as accredited SFIA Partners, we have the range and depth of SFIA products and services that will make successful recruiting against SFIA standards simple and effective.  For example:-

  • One of our approved SFIA Consultants will help you to identify the skill set you require for each of the roles you wish to fill;
  • Using our SFIA Job Role Builder tool, you will be able to map each role against the SFIA Framework;
  • Our online SFIA Skills Assessments will verify which candidates have the right skills and knowledge to fulfil the role;
  • The ValidateSkills.com administration system will present assessment results automatically, so that you can immediately reveal the best performers;
  • We will work with you to find the best available candidate that fits your SFIA skill set requirements. You don’t need to rely on just the applicant’s CV! ;
  • We’ll manage the initial CV and assessment application to SFIA standards;
  • We can research candidates for you, for permanent or contractor positions in the UK or overseas thereby presenting you with the best possible candidates for interview.

For Candidates: Armed with a clearly identified skill set, you’ll have the best chance to find the best job.

Are you looking for a new job as an IT Professional? We can help you to rate your skill set and level of experience against the SFIA Framework and therefore gain recognition as a premier IT Professional candidate!

  • Take a SFIA self-assessment to identify the level of your skills and experience, gaining certification through ValidateSkills.com in our role as an accredited SFIA service provider;
  • Get yourself listed as a top applicant with proof of competency measured against the SFIA Framework;
  • Be a part of a growing IT professional database linking skills to employers’ requirements;
  • Receive information about positions that become available in your specific field of competence;
  • Don’t just let employers go on your CV. Prove your skills with SFIA!

For more information, contact us today via enquiries@validateskills.com