SFIA Customer Reviews


Marcus Harris, Managing Director, Incite-Insight Ltd

“Incite-Insight, working on behalf of Trinity Mirror, was asked to source an approved SFIA organisation on their behalf.  Trinity Mirror required a SFIA skills mapping exercise followed up by a large number of skills interviews with detailed reporting to follow.

We selected ValidateSkills.com (Assess Management Limited), who we consider to be an expert partner in delivering SFIA consultancy programmes.  I am pleased to say their services exceeded the expectations of our client and of ourselves and has helped deliver a much better understanding of the new roles Trinity Mirror are imbedding which has lead to faster adoption and greater success. I wholeheartedly recommend Kevin Tibbs and Assess Management for SFIA related projects.”





Charlotte Kemp, People Manager, Fourth Ltd.

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We initially engaged with ValidateSkills.com in order to appraise the Technology  skills across our organisation.  It had become apparent that we needed to standardise our skills and SFIA seemed the obvious choice.

They examined over 30 of our existing Job Descriptions across three departments and mapped them to the SFIA Framework using their Job Role Builder tool. This allowed us to complete an audit of the skills in our rapidly evolving business, which develops a wide range of systems for the hospitality sector. 

ValidateSkills.com then discussed each mapped role with our departments’ managers in order to check accuracy and refine specifics where necessary. We now have a set of job roles, mapped to the international framework SFIA, with the ongoing use of the ValidateSkills.com tools to allow us to manage changes in future ourselves.

This process has given us a platform to work from, so that we can now look forward to managing our development strategy and career paths, using SFIA as the benchmark.

We are very pleased with the SFIA consultancy service that ValidateSkills.com provided for us. Throughout this process, they were helpful and communicative and their expert knowledge of SFIA was invaluable. I highly recommend them to any organisation that is considering using SFIA.


Gary Fay, Director Information Technology, Hudson Recruitment

“Validate Skills and Hudson Global Resources have been working together now for the past 3 years. We are delighted with ValidateSkills and the solutions that have been developed and delivered across our business. They are quick in picking up on our needs and simplifying the complex and providing great support. We have a shared common language that helps us work quickly and efficiently and the service reflects exactly the areas we have discussed and agreed particularly with the new tools and products we have in development around SFIA Testing which will be ground breaking for IT Recruitment.”hudson-recruitment-logo





Tracey Robinson, HR & Office Manager, Zaizi Ltd

“ValidateSkills SFIA role builder tool is a great resource which has enabled us to quickly and easily generate SFIA skills based roles for our organisation. The report that is generated at the end of the process is not just a list of skills. It is a useful and in-depth report covering the SFIA skills and also outlining the experience and qualifications required for a role, which is great for recruiting.” 




Mark Wilson – Assistant Director – Raglan Housing

“ValidateSkills was able fill the gap in the online testing market by providing a robust, user friendly solution fully aligned to SFIA.  By reviewing the post’s job description and discussing the key functions with the ValidateSkills consultant, we quickly identified a bank of raglanquestions tailored to the competences needed for the role.”




Rylee Wedekind – Chief Operating Officer – 5NINES, Madison USA

“This is the first time I’ve found an online resource to help me create SFIA roles for my employees.  What a breath of fresh air!  And the affordability of it really helps my budget.  My company has been using ISRM and now SFIA roles and skills for almost 15 years.  Your online tool makes my job much easier.  Thank you! 5Nines

P.S. I plan on building another 15 more job roles – because finally I can do this customization in a timely manner!