SFIA IT Skills Interviews

Sometimes it is not always clear from a written job description how it maps against the 97 SFIA codes and at which SFIA level it should be categorised.

If that’s the case, what’s needed is for each IT employee, or one employee for each IT job role, to have a one-to-one discussion with one of our experienced SFIA consultants in order to carry out an evaluation of the tasks they undertake and the skills they need to carry it out.

Each discussion may last anything between 30 and 90 minutes depending on a range of factors that apply to the role or the individual concerned. These discussions will normally take place on your premises face-to-face with each relevant employee and will lead to a report that confirms our understanding of the role and how it maps to SFIA codes and levels.

We will write up all the individual reports and package and present them to you in aggregated form for your scrutiny and approval. This consolidated report will provide you with a detailed analysis and if patterns emerge from the discussions, or if specific issues are raised by individuals, we will include our advice and guidance on the actions that you might consider necessary.

Through these discussions it is likely that we will gain a clearer insight into each individual’s role and responsibilities which will aid the SFIA mapping process and training needs analysis. The discussions will also give each individual employee the opportunity to understand SFIA better and engage with the SFIA programme, therefore encouraging their participation in the process.

If you wish, we could train your managers to carry out the interview process which you could adapt to go hand-in-hand with your organisation’s employee development programme.

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